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The official site for Mark Tracy's Las Vegas residential and commercial design consulting firm Chemical Spaces.

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Feb '08:
Mark Tracy awarded "Best Designer" at Las Vegas Home and Design HEIDI Awards.

Chemical Spaces is the Las Vegas design consulting firm of designer Mark Tracy. Since 1998, Mark has completed over 170 interior projects in the Las Vegas area including luxury homes, high-rise condo towers, and upscale commercial properties. Chemical Spaces has been featured in Las Vegas's most respected magazines such as interior design magazine Las Vegas Home and Design and Las Vegas culture magazine 944. In February of 2008 Mark Tracy was awarded Best Designer by the Las Vegas Home and Design HEIDI Awards. To receive a complimentary large-format book of Chemical Spaces' portfolio, please contact us. You can find all the latest images of our work in the flash version of our site. Look for our ads in SEVEN and 944 magazines.

Chemical Spaces
Residential and Commercial Design Consulting in Las Vegas
Las Vegas, NV

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